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  • Joining Advantage

    1. Franchise: enjoy the franchise of an internationally agreed trading platform.

    2.Brand right to use: enjoy the "unified trading platform" brand right to use.

    3. The right of image display: part of the area can be obtained free of charge at the free trade zone international trade exhibition center to display the partner's own image.

    4. Regional protection right: each county and city district has only one partner to carry out strict business circle protection for the partner.

    5. Management guidance right: an international unified trading platform tracks the whole process, guides the operation, publishes commodity information to the partners in time, changes the market, and coordinates the operation of the regional operators;

    6. Fxed income right: the partner does not need to purchase the goods himself, coordinates the total sales amount agreed upon by the distributor under the jurisdiction, and obtains a fixed income of 5% of the total sales volume.

    7. Safe exit right: due to its own or external factors, the partner can not continue to operate, may apply for withdrawal from the regional trading center, all the operating margin paid.

    8. Priority renewal right: after the expiration of the term of validity of the contract, the unified trading platform will sign a contract with the partners who have the intention to continue to cooperate.

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