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  • Joining process

     1. Cooperation consultation: cooperation can be consulted through telephone, network and other means to understand the relevant cooperation.

    2. Field visit: on the basis of a preliminary understanding of the regional operation center, personally to Xiangyang free trade area to do field visits, and Anyi company personnel communication and exchange.

    3. Application for cooperation: after the two sides have reached an intention to cooperate, the partner shall fill in the application for cooperation.

    4. Qualification examination: the company audits the operating address and all kinds of information of the investor to confirm the qualification of the partner.

    5. Sign a contract: if the two sides determine the intention to cooperate and reach a consensus, sign a formal cooperation agreement.

    6. Fee payment:the cooperation party shall pay the corresponding transaction margin to the unified trading platform as agreed in the contract when the contract is signed.

    7. Order: according to the requirements of the distributor in the jurisdiction, the partner shall place an order with the trading platform, determine the quantity, specification and quality requirements of the order, and the distributor shall pay the corresponding amount of deposit to the trading platform.

    8. Delivery of goods: at the request of the partner, the company delivers the goods to the partner or jurisdiction distributor at the designated place.

    9. Payment recovery: delivery of goods to partners or distributors. 10. After-sales service: in order to improve and supervise the after-sales service work, the company sets up a service supervision telephone to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the cooperation between the two sides.

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