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    • About Us

    Hubei Anyi International Trade Co.,Ltd is the standing member of World Chinese Business Advancement Association(WCBAA), and it is also the representative unit of World Investment Fund of Chinese Businessmen in Xiangyang. ? ? ? ? Anyi registered in Xiangzhou district of Xiangyang in 2016, and the registered capital is 5600 million yuan. And it entered in Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone (Xiangyang Area). ?Anyi is set up under the great support of several million member units of World Association of Chinese Businessmen. It bases on advanced talents and management system, and it is not limited to one type and continues to innovate. Anyi cooperat...

    Company profile
    Hubei Anyi International Trade Co., Ltd. is the representative unit of the World Chinese Investment Fund in Hubei, China. Located in Xiangyang City, it has a history and culture of more than 2800 years.
    Contact us
    Tel: 0710-3119155
    Address:2nd Floor of Bonded Logistics Complex Building of Hubei Free Trade Zone (Xiangyang Area) on Milu Road, Xiangyang City
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